Prerequisites: For Men and Women

Geplaatst op 2023-02-15

Categorie: Lifestyle

I’ve noticed some confusion in the dating marketplace regarding attraction. What sparked this particular post was a joke made by a pastor. I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but it suggested the way to get a girlfriend was to have a job.

Is that true?

There’s actually significant debate around this idea. Traditionalists will say yes. The Red Pill aware will say no. They’re both a bit right and a bit wrong because when it comes to human nature, nothing is 100%.

There is a minority of women who will date a guy without a job given that his Game is tight enough. Again, they are a minority of women, and I would venture to say these relationships are usually not totally healthy.

That being said, having a job (or future potential for one), even a good job, is not a magic ticket to a girlfriend.

If you haven’t heard it before, listen well: men define what is attractive in women, and women define what is attractive in men. Due to women’s incapacity during pregnancy and childrearing, they have selected for men with a demonstrated ability to provide, ie they prefer guys with jobs. This is universal, and taken for granted. As such, for the most part having a job is a prerequisite to getting a girlfriend. The nature of the job itself is largely immaterial unless depending on you will cause a dramatic change in a girl’s standard of living (in other words, unless you’re extremely rich or poor).

In the past, men were providers. This is no longer the case since women can now largely provide for themselves. Old habits die hard, and cultural norms die even harder. For men, having a solid job is no longer a ticket to a girlfriend; it’s a prerequisite. Once he has a job, then all the other factors come into play.

Prerequisites in the dating market are conditions you have to meet for you to have a realistic chance of attracting a mate. Having a job is not the only prerequisite for men. In no particular order, here are some others:

Guys, you can be slightly overweight, but if you’re morbidly obese, you’re toast. You can be slightly socially clueless, but if you have tuna sticking out of your teeth and smell like BO, no girl is going near you. Please note the lack of any IQ requirement on that list.

Now, before the men start feeling sorry for themselves, be aware that you have prerequisites for women as well. Off the top of my head:

Ok, so maybe we do have it bad. Sheesh, raise your standards guys.